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Auction Buying

It's Auction Time!

New to the auction game? Don't worry, it is easier than you might think
and we can help every step of the way. Auctions are fun, exciting and a great way to buy items.

Let's get started.

Before you ever step foot into an auction you need to plan your day and know what you need. An ounce of preparation goes a long way. Here is a brief list of a few items to bring with you.

ü Comfortable shoes
ü Drivers license or state ID
ü Acceptable form of payment
ü Pen and paper
ü Extra help to move and watch your purchases

Questions to help your auction buying experience.

Do we need to register to attend your auction?
Yes, we require that all attendees register to be at our auction. 

How do I register?
This is easy; bring your license or state ID to the registration window and fill out registration form (Registration form for first time registers only). We will issue your own bidder number and you are all set.

What method do you use to hold auctions?
We use three types of methods; Onsite only, Online only and Simulcast.

What is the difference in these methods?
Onsite only is at the client’s or our facility and you are competing head-to-head against other onsite auction attendees. Online only is auction held online and you are competing against other online bidders. Simulcast is a combination of both Onsite and Online only auctions, where our onsite and online clients compete against each other in real time.

Can I inspect the items prior to bidding?
Yes, we encourage this. At each auction we have a listed preview time that all items can be viewed and you can check them out.

Are there any additional charges added to my purchase?
Yes, we add a Buyer’s Premium. A Buyer’s Premium is a fee added to the total purchase that helps cover the cost of the auction. Our Buyer’s Premium is 15% onsite and 18% online plus applicable sales tax.

When do I need to make payment for my won items?
All items must be paid for in full after customer has finished buying or immediately after the completion of the auction.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, wire transfers and checks accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee.

What is a bank letter of guarantee?
This is a letter provided by your financial institution that guarantees that the customer has funds available in their account to cover their purchases when paying by check. This letter must be obtained prior to purchase. (A sample form is available upon request.)

How long do I have to remove purchased items?
A removal schedule will be announced and posted prior to auction. Auctions may have limited removal time that must be adhered to. Please plan your time appropriately and bring additional help if needed.

Do you offer any guarantees on the condition or workings of items sold?
No, all items are sold in as-is, where-is condition. We encourage you to take full advantage of the preview time and inspect the item(s) you are interested in. Once the auctioneer says “sold” the items’ ownership transfers to the buyer and it becomes the buyer’s sole responsibility, even though the item may not be paid for.

Can I bid on items if I can’t attend the auction?
Yes, you may do this in a number of possibilities. If auction is held online, whether online only or simulcast, you can register online and bid from the comfort of your home or office. If the auction is onsite only, you may leave us an absentee bid for that item and we will bid for you just like you were there up to your max bid. With online or onsite we always encourage you to attend the preview and inspect items of interest prior to bidding or leaving a bid.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are here to help.

See you at the Auction!

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